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Last fall I had the privilege to meet Gina Panciera at the Fall Festival and we clicked right away. Next day she hired me to do her Head Shots for her campaign, she was running ( and won) for Shiloh District seat for King George School Board. 


Fast forward to about a month ago and Gina reached out to me about the new home that Love Thy Neighbor will have " The Cottage" and from one simple phone call we go so carried away talking about all the future possibilities, and somehow I got involved in helping Love Thy Neighbor ( and so should you). 

"Love Thy Neighbor Community Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen was established as a non-profit, volunteer operated, faith-based organization in King George, Virginia to provide nutritional basics and reassurance to others in need."

Last Sunday I volunteered my time and services and went to photograph and also learn a little bit more about the non-profit and BTW they just won the NON-PROFIT OF THE YEAR 

"On the 3rd Sunday each month, Love Thy Neighbor provides an Inspirational Hour with music and a guest speaker followed by a hot meal, beverage and dessert.  This, along with a visit to our Food Pantry for a broad selection of groceries of choice. Our main focus is on food and hygiene items so monetary resources can be maximized for housing costs and other necessary expenses.  Most of our guests are Seniors, Veterans, disabled, unemployed or under-employed.  In addition, we share information and resources to help guide our neighbors in the right direction for particular services they may need.  We serve approximately 100 families at our once-a-month event, and are blessed with dedicated and faithful volunteers who assist with the tasks at hand to make it all happen. "


Carolyne greeted me with her wonderful smile and explained me how the volunteer sign in works. 

Miss Sonja also was the sweetest lady and helps register new patrons

Miss Jane and her lovely assistant assisted with the previous registered patrons and handed them their ticket accordantly 


President of Love Thy Neighbor Chris, Furman and former President Gina all smiles greeting and helping with whatever they can.


This lovely lady was such a sweetheart and allowed me to photograph her.


Carol is the Team Lead for the kitchen and she was unstoppable!

It was a pleasure to capture these images and to see ALL THE AMAZING WORK and EFFORT it takes to carry on this amazing organization. 

They are having a GRAND CELEBRATION on Sunday July 15 and you should go since it's FREE and you can also volunteer or donate for this amazing organization. 

For complete gallery of photos visit click HERE 





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No more MINI SESSIONS https://www.speakphotographyllc.com/blog/2018/1/no-more-mini-sessions Alternative to mini sessions

I have been a professional for over 6 years now, real-and-true business photographer-boss-lady offered “mini sessions” to my clients. Sometimes they have been okay, but more often than not I’m left with a feeling of rushing little kids and my clients into “perfect holiday card family pictures” which truthfully hurts my soul. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but if I’m being completely honest, it’s burdened me as an artist, and as a photographer who knows and sees her clients trying so hard for great images that authentically convey their family dynamic. It’s been stifling, and it has been down right painful to herd people in like cattle and scramble to take the very best images I can in 30 minutes or less. Dump a gallery of digitals on you and move on to another family. That’s NOT ME and it certainly isn’t taking care of my families.

So, I’m doing something radical. Something that will hopefully be freeing to my clients. I’m no longer offering mini sessions!!! Gasp! I know… But trust me, I think we can all do better. "But what am I going to do? " Ah, here is the wonderful freeing part for both you and me: I tailored each package according to specific needs and of course budgets but the most important part the minimum time i will take is probably from around 45 minutes to one hour instead of 15 to 30 minutes.

To recap the only thing I am actually changing is increasing the sessions time and changing the name and no longer calling it a Mini Session, not rushing into something we both feel stressed about since sessions alone can already be a stressful time let's not have time against us. 

Looking forward to really taking the time to know you, your families!

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New Year, New Look, New Logo https://www.speakphotographyllc.com/blog/2017/12/new-year-new-look-new-logo Hello everyone! 

When I first purchase my website I wanted everything to be PERFECT or at least my idea of perfect. That was 6 years ago. I purchase the domain, the website and since I was taking classes of web design I said to myself why not build my own website. Well two years passed and I never PUBLISHED my original website because it was not "PERFECT"...then I got pregnant and had my first child and you know what they say about pregnancy brain or mammy's brain? Yes it is true and all that work I had done with my previous website I lost it because I forgot to pay for my original domain and someone took it. So the lesson I learn is that PERFECT is a work in progress...every week or month I like to play with my website, my facebook and instagram and guess what I change my mind all the time. 

So to start the new year with a more clean mind I also decided to "clean" up my logo because it started to feel heavy to me, not sure if that makes any sense to you but it does to me so if you remember this is my old logo 

I loved this logo and represents my beginning as a photographer and many years of my life but I thought it was time to change. 

I started my ideas in my mind and almost went with a similar design but something was telling me that didn't feel good so I change my mind again and again and went with my heart ...YES for those of you that know me well know that I LOVE ALL THINGS HEARTS so I decided to incorporate a heart in my logo. So after going back and forward a few times with Rita William with https://www.etsy.com/shop/gracefulguessing she was able to transform what I had in my head into this beautiful and simple LOGO: 


I might change again in the future because we need change we need to evolve and it's okay to embrace the new so would you please take a look around my website and tell me what you think and leave a comment or two. 

Thanks again for your support and keeping my dreams alive. 

Cheers to a wonderful and evolving 2018. 





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My First Official Session https://www.speakphotographyllc.com/blog/2017/7/my-first-official-session When I first decided to go to school for photography, I was just one of those people that really wanted to get better at taking pictures. Little did I know that at the age of 30 I finally had found my true passion. Well that was 10 years ago...yep 10 years of starting a dream and keeping it as a hobby because well life happens in between.


Fast forward 10 years and I'm finally being able to concentrate a little bit more on my business thanks to the unconditional support of my husband Doug. He has been  a great supporter specially when it comes to the bureaucracy part ...yes there is a LOT to learn and we are still learning but I am truthfully so grateful to having by my side. 


I am currently a stay at home mom so most of my days are filled with diaper changes, toddler tantrums, sleepless nights, but also filled with giggles, brother and sister laughing at each other or my silly faces and lots of tickles. 


A few weeks ago I came back from a two month trip to my home country of Portugal. I hadn't been able to start focusing on my business like I wanted , yep life again. Within a few days of me arriving I received a message from my friend and previous client Tasha and she wanted to have Head Shots/Business Shots for her new website www.tashafiedell.com and since the last one was going to include her family we also took family pictures. 


Tasha is also a stay at home mom, a business woman a now a blogger and she truly inspired me to just write in my little blog, because let's face it I am so far from being a writer and most of people will find errors, misspelled words and bad punctuation in my blog, but guess what? That is not going to stop me anymore about writing or chatting about what I love to do and that is PHOTOGRAPHY and I don't need spell check for that! 


I hope I didn't bored you too much and just take a look at some of the images from Tasha session. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Working Mommy Working Mommy Working Mommy Working Mommy Working Mommy Working Mommy


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Being on Maternity Leave as a mom vs photographer https://www.speakphotographyllc.com/blog/2015/11/being-on-maternity-leave Dear clients, 

As most of you know, I am currently on maternity leave.

Well so far so good because I have been enjoying the pre-maternity leave that my company allows me to have 4 weeks prior to due date. I thought I was going to have the FULL 4 WEEKS to do TONS of stuff and be organized , etc ....well turns out this huge belly doe not allow me to do much. 

I am super excited to be a mom again and this time around being a baby boy brings new excitements. 

The only down part about having a baby right in the beginning of December ( c-section schedule for December 7th) is that I am loosing all the fun about the holidays , meaning this is the most busy season for me as a family photographer, however it's okay it's all for a good cause and I hope my clients understand that. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, make sure you take plenty of pictures because our memory works better with we have images to refer. 


Merry Christmas to all , Happy Hannuka or whatever celebration you do , just please be kind to one another! 




Solange Phillips

Speak Photography 





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My New Website FINALLY!!! https://www.speakphotographyllc.com/blog/2014/10/my-new-website-finally The most waited moment about my photography...naked photos of .....GOTCHA ...just kidding .....my website is finally here. 

I have purchase two different websites and because LIFE happens I never publish them. Then I got pregnant, then I had a baby ...I know excuses excuses and time went by and nothing...I even lost my own domain because of the baby excuses , oh and I also moved houses when baby was two months old ...again excuses. 

Now it's here, it's not perfect like I wanted to be , but this it,  for now at least...yes I learned how to just accept that I am not perfect ( so hard to admit this). 

Btw for those of you who know me I cannot write ( well)  ...yes I am not a blogger (again with the excuses) and my english is not great so next time I can write in portuguese just to amuse you. 

Your comments , feedback and opinions are very welcome!


Thank you and  I really hope you enjoy. 


Solange Phillips

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